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An Australian startup has launched a new recipe sharing site – Fork the Cookbook – that promises to help users worldwide organize and manage their recipes while instilling a good habit of sharing them.

Fork the Cookbook is your personal cookbook. We encourage you to fork recipes, which is to create a copy of the original and tweak it to suit you, and then share it with the world.

Fork the Cookbook was born from the attempt to answer one simple question: how does one keep track of modifications and tweaks to a recipe, particularly other people's recipes?

The team behind Fork the Cookbook has been active in software development since the 1990s, and often contribute to open source software. They are avid home cooks themselves and they have likened cooking to programming, as perfection is achieved through iterations. Collectively, they call themselves The Forking Chef.

"We modify recipes all the time to figure out what works and what does not. Sometimes the answer can be buried in the comments section of a food blog or the review section of a recipe site. Sometimes food bloggers will blog about adapting recipes. It would be nice to have one central place to keep track of all these forks," said The Forking Chef.

Taking a cue from the open source community, the site encourages its users to fork recipes, which is to write a variation of the original and then share it with the world.

"We take a humbling view that humanity will be richer when we can learn from one another. Instead of wasting time, money and energy reinventing the wheel, innovate on existing recipes to make them even better. After all, you see farther by standing on the shoulders of Giants," said the (dwarven) Forking Chef.

The site overcomes the problem by making it easy for users to add, fork and share recipes. The site also makes it easy for everyone to track forks (variations) of recipes.

Users add recipes by simply typing as they would normally do so in emails, blogs and the like. With one click, see recipes transform into something out of a well laid-out cookbook. Forking recipes is just as easy: simply make the edits and it's yours.

"Fork the Cookbook is revolutionary, it will totally shape the future of recipe writing and sharing. I can see the old culture of hogging recipes dying out," said Stephanie Cordel, an early adopter of Fork the Cookbook.

Fork the Cookbook is free for all to use and is expected to engage in monetization in the near future. A revenue share with Fork the Cookbook users is also being considered.

Head on over to Fork the Cookbook and start forking recipes.

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